Sometimes Life Can Be Hard AF

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Real life isn’t always the silly selfies and picture perfect life you see online. Real life can be hard; real life can be exhausting.

Social media offers only a glimpse into our lives. We choose what we want to share, and what we don’t.

Personally – I always try to be open, sharing the good and the bad.

What you don’t always see though, are the days that I cannot leave my bed; the days where my depression tightens the hold it has on me and I feel so utterly alone and stuck.

What you don’t see are the days where I have full-blown panic attacks; where it feels as though the walls are closing in on me and I can’t breathe, nor see through the overflowing tears.

What you don’t see are the times where my anxiety is so crippling that I’m left questioning myself, my worth, my everything – all because the boogeyman in my head is telling me over and over how unworthy and useless I am.

What I want you to see though is that even through all of this – happiness is possible, you just have to choose to fight for it…to fight for yourself.

…and sometimes we all need that reminder, even me.

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