It’s Been Awhile, Let’s Catch Up

I have started and restarted this post so many times over the past little while. Whenever I take a mini break from blogging, I always feel like I need to make some grand re-entrance. Like, “Oh, I know you’ve missed me but here I am to grace you with my online presence again!”

Like, how cynical is that?! 

But really, I feel like it’s not me re-introducing myself to you guys (no offence), but more so me re-introducing myself to blogging and writing in general. 

…if that makes any sense. So, let’s just avoid that altogether and jump right into it.

What has life been like for JennJenn lately?

First up, obviously – is RJ.

Can you believe he is 10 months old already?! I seriously need time to slow right the eff down because it is moving way too quickly. Not a day goes by that this lil guy doesn’t make me laugh…sometimes so hard I legit get tears. He does this thing where he laughs and then throws his face into mine or Mike’s and plants big old wet kisses on us…then laughs again. It’s probably the cutest thing ever. He’s a monster who just wants to crawl everywhere and explore everything. He wants to open and close any cupboard he sees and is practising to become the next Blue Jays starting pitcher by throwing EVERYTHING. He is legit my best bud and my heart is ridiculously full just looking at him…even when he is screaming his face off. 

Speaking of RJ, let’s discuss a topic that may be somewhat controversial.

My mat leave mid-pandemic has most certainly not been as I expected my mat leave to be.

When I was pregnant I was so excited for my mat leave. I envisioned play dates, mommy and me classes, swimming lessons, park days – I planned for us to do everything! And now, the highlights of our weeks are when we go grocery shopping. Because of Covid, there are no mommy and me classes, no swimming lessons, no play dates…nothing.

With Mike working in such close contact with the public, we’ve tried to limit our exposure to anyone, for everyone’s sake. It’s been so difficult on my mental health, and I know from the Facebook Mommy groups I am in – it’s hit a lot of new moms hard.

And I know, I know, before anyone pops off in my comments or DM’s – woe is me…so many others have it so much harder, but – we’re allowed to be upset about these things. Ok? Good. Glad we sorted that out. Moving on.

With the pandemic, this holiday season is like no other. I usually host a big Thanksgiving dinner, but it was just Mike, RJ, and I this year…and it will be again for Hanukkah and Christmas. Which is kind of sad, because it’s RJ’s first. We’re hoping to do a socially distanced quick outdoor visit with family, just to wish them happy holidays in person…and maybe we’ll be able to do a virtual hang with the family. But, who knows?! 

It’s such a confusing and exhausting time, but at the end of the day – we need to follow these Covid rules to get this pandemic under control. 

Suffer in the short term to thrive in the long term.

Stay safe, wear the damn mask and we’ll chat soon.