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This Crazy Thing Called Life rants and Rambles

Oh, hello there. I feel likes it’s been forever since we caught up!

You know what it’s like when you catch a cold and then can’t get rid of the cold but then you kinda feel like your cold is subsiding but then you wake up one morning feeling worse off than you had before? Well, that’s been my past couple of weeks. My throat hurts. I can’t stop sniffling and blowing my nose. I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep through the night. Ugh. It’s been rough, y’all.

Anyways, what else has been going on? Well – I’ve been giving my body a little bit of a break from the gold old adult grape juice* for a few reasons. I thought the break might help me get over my cold (it hasn’t) and I thought maybe the break might help me get a good night’s sleep (wrong again) but also, I just kNeW my body and mind needed a break. I was falling into the habit of coming home from work and every day immediately pouring myself a big ol’ glass of vino. Followed by more throughout the evening as I cooked and tidy up. Then, I’d rationalize pouring yet another by saying, “You’ve worked hard all day and just cooked a delicious meal and cleaned up…you deserve this.” But, then next thing you’d know I’d be 3 or 4 glasses deep and when that’s happening more often than it’s not – it’s time to take a wee break.

On the plus side, I don’t know of it has to do with the lack of wine or the increase in water consumption, but damn – my skin has never looked better! Even though I’ve had a cold for weeks and haven’t slept through the night in even longer! My dark circles are fading (#blessed) and I got ID’d buying a scratch ticket the other day. So, sOmEtHiNg is working and I’m not hating the results.

It’s so easy to fall into bad habits, but ridiculously difficult to form.good ones. Well, it is for me at least.

Our wedding is officially less than 5 months away (!!!) and from the day after we got engaged (in October) I have been telling myself I need to get back into the gym. Sheesh, even from before we got engaged I’ve been saying this but I felt like the wedding would be a good motivator to get my butt up and active again.


I procrastinate and put it off. I’m being lazy and I know it…but I can’t seem to find the motivation to get up early and go to the gym. Or to get dressed after dinner and head over.

I mean, up until a couple of weeks ago I’d likely be a couple of glasses of wine deep by the time I finished the dishes after dinner, so that probably wouldn’t have been an opportune time to head to the gym anyways.

But now that I’m taking a bit of a break from drinking… what’s holding me back?

Am I scared of failure? Am I scared of not accomplishing a goal I’ll set for myself? Am I embarrassed? Am I scared of seeing just how badly I’ve let my fitness slip over the past few months (years) of not being active?

…yes to all of the above.

People always say that getting up and physically going to the gym is the hardest part of working out and you know what, I GET IT. Especially during the cold winter months. Who wants to get up from a comfy cozy couch where you’re all cuddled up with blankets to go out in the cold to go to the gym?

“Not I!”, said the majority of the population.  

I envy those with stronger willpower than I. Those who get up and make that effort every day. Take my friend Kate of That Girl Cartier, for example. She is KILLING it with her fitness journey. She hits up F45 more often than not and is always encouraging me to get active. Then I see the fitness queens of Instagram, like the always lovely Sasha Exeter, who just blow my mind. They have careers and even kids – yet still manage to find the time and motivation to get to the gym. I watch their Instagram stories and think to myself, “Jenn, you lazy shit. Get up and do something!” And more often than not – I do. I get up…and get a snack.

It’s so frustrating and exhausting knowing I need to make some changes but not having the motivation to do so. I know my depression has a lot to do with it, but – I also know that being active is one of the best things FOR my depression. So, I’m caught in a vicious circle, y’all. I know I need to get active, I know that I need to do it not only for the physical benefits, but also the mental health benefits…yet, I can’t gather the  motivation to take that first step.

I need help.

So, what are some tips you can share with your girl over here on getting motivated to hit the gym? What’s something you’ve done that has helped you find the energy to get active?

I need all the help and inspiration I can get, so please – flood my comments and DMs and social streams with ALL of your suggestions!

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Let’s end this off with something adorable.

So, here is a picture of Dusty being the ridiculously handsome weirdo that he is.

Dusty, This Crazy Thing Called Life

*adult grape juice = wine, for those of you who didn’t get my silly joke.

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