Here Comes The Bridezilla

This Crazy Thing Called Life Here Comes The Bridezilla

So, I’m sure you likely already know this…but – Mike and I are engaged! It’s been about two months, and to be completely honest – I think I’m still a little in shock. LOL

Every now and then, I’ll look down as I’m typing and see this beautiful ring on my finger and the reality of the situation hits me all over again.

The love of my life asked me to marry him!

While I’ll be sharing all the fun that’s going into wedding planning, I figured I’d start out with the engagement story because it’s absolutely perfect.

Mike and I had talked about getting married before. We had discussed ideas of how we both envisioned the big day…but, over the past couple of months he led me to believe that getting married wasn’t something that would be happening any time soon.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving Sunday. Hosting our families for thanksgiving is a new tradition we’ve started, so on the Sunday morning I woke up nice and early to start cooking for about 12 people. Needless to say, I was busy all day and didn’t notice just how strange Mike was acting.

Now that I look back, I can point out all the ways he was being a weirdo. LOL

Anyways, I was bustling away in the kitchen all day, and Mike was being very attentive and sweet and helpful…but also weird. He seemed anxious and a little preoccupied, but I just chalked it up to the fact that we were hosting our families for dinner.

Little did I know that this guy had a major surprise planned for after dinner!

Dinner went off smoothly. Everything was delicious and everyone was satisfied and full. Finally, it was time for me to sit down and just relax. I poured myself a big ol’ glass of wine and let out a sigh of relief. It was done. We survived and all was good. Then, Mike got up to (what I thought) give a little speech thanking everyone for coming over. He pulled me up with him in the middle of the living room…and while he did start out by thinking everyone – he then turned his attention to me.

He began complimenting me, and then moved on to telling me (and both of our families) how much he loved me..and I saw his hand slide into his pocket.

I immediately started saying, “What is happening?” over and over again.

It hit me.

IT was happening.

*insert all of the tears*

That’s when the love of my life got down on one knee, with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen placed in his hands in a #toosweet hand gesture (it’s our thing – we even have a matching set of tattoos), and asked me to marry him.

Before he could finish, I jumped on him – while bawling my eyes out.

Everyone jumped up and surrounded us and his dad yelled out, “Well, put the ring on her already!” and Mike said, “She hasn’t said yes yet!”

I blurted out through the tears and sobs, “Absofuckinglutley!”

At this point, our families are all hugging us which was perfect because had someone not constantly had their arms around me I likely would have collapsed. I was so overwhelmed with emotion I could barely stand!

I even remember saying, “…I need to sit down.” 

As my sister came up to me to hug me, I noticed she had her phone out the whole time. I asked if she knew this was happening…and she did! Mike told her ahead of time, so that she could record and get pictures of the whole thing!

So naturally, I (lovingly) called her a jerk for not telling me. Ha.

Seriously – the whole experience was just perfect.

I’m still on cloud nine…except now, I’m on cloud nine and also planning our wedding…so, if you have any tips or helpful advice – hit up the comments!


  1. Karen
    December 6, 2018 / 3:24 pm

    You guys are too cute!!

    • Jennifer
      December 11, 2018 / 1:05 am

      Aww shucks!

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