Why Wasn’t Financial Savviness Taught In School??

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This Crazy Thing Called Life Financial Savviness

“Money is just a tool. Money itself isn’t the problem – it’s how we use it that is the problem.”

When Jay Papernick recently dropped that knowledge at Dave Lackie’s #BeautyFinance event I literally had to put my glass of wine down (shocking, I know) and soak it in.

Growing up with a single parent, money was always a touchy subject in our household. My mother is amazing. She provided as best she could for my sister and I, on her own – but we struggled. As a brat, I mean kid – I never understood it. I didn’t understand why all of my friends were rocking the latest ADIDAS kicks and wicked windbreakers, and my “kicks” (if you could call them that) came from BiWay.

Side note: Did you know that BiWay is coming back to Toronto? Not gonna lie…I’m actually kind of excited!

Anyways, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand just how expensive this crazy thing called life can be, especially raising two little ones all on your own. Now that I’m old(er), and I’d like to believe somewhat wiser, I GET IT. I don’t even have kids yet, but – goodness gracious, I GET IT.

I wish financial savviness was taught in school (I mean, like elementary and high school) when I was younger because without that knowledge, you’re kinda going into this whole adulthood thing blindly. Yeah, of course parents should be instilling this knowledge into their kids…but, let’s just be real for a second…it should be a part of basic curriculum.

Far too many people are living pay cheque to pay cheque…struggling to just get by. The idea is stuck in their head that money is the problem; there isn’t enough of it. And believe you me, planning our wedding and saving for a home has had me thinking the exact same thing.

So when Jay dropped that line, it hit a little close to home. It’s how we use our money that is the problem. We have to be mindful about our spending, and our investing. It can be overwhelming thinking about investments, RRSPs, TFSA, medium-risk, high-risk, yada yada yada. Going into all of THAT blindly is…ok, let’s keep it PG and stick with overwhelming.

There’s a science to financial planning, but it’s also an art – and one we shouldn’t attempt to tackle all on our own. There are wise people out there, who are eager to help make our dreams come true but working with us to put together a plan. People like Jay and Maria of Assante Wealth Management.

 “A lot of what we do is coaching. It is really just about pushing…when it comes to money, you should be slightly uncomfortable. You should never go to bed at night thinking that you are totally okay; that you’ve done everything you should do. You should also never go to bed at night freaking out because your mortgage is too big, the credit card companies are calling, or you don’t know what to do the next month for your rent. There’s a happy medium, a pendulum, where you can be slightly uncomfortable – it’s healthy.”

So, basically – seek the help of professionals. That’s my plan (and apparently Dave’s because he works with them too). LOL

…speaking of seeking the help of professionals, the beauty aspect of the evening was also beneficial because umm, our wedding is officially 6 months away and OHMYGAHD I NEED HELP.

Dave took to the mic again and shared some insider tips on what to expect in the beauty department for 2019, and also share some celebrity gossip from his most recent trip to LA!

With our wedding VERY QUICKLY approaching, I’ve been thinking more and more about my skin care routines and what I can (and should/shouldn’t) do to be the best, most confident, version of myself on the big day.

I’m going to share more about this whole process because I know about as much as beauty as I do finances (which, spoiler – is not a lot) and I really think sharing my honest journey through this whole crazy thing will be beneficial to others out there who may be feeling a little overwhelmed themselves.

So – stay tuned for that! And if you’re not already following Dave on Twitter and Instagram – you totally should because he often hosts giveaways and contests for the fun beauty goodies and also the events he hosts!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more getting your finances in order – you can hit up Jay and/or Maria at Assante Wealth Management.

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