Day One Of 365 – 2019 Edition

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This Crazy Thing Called Life Day One Of 365

I’ve never been one for setting new year resolutions. It’s not really my vibe. I always feel as though I set unrealistic expectations on myself, and feel like an utter failure when I (which I inevitably will) cave and fail within a few days of setting said resolutions.


So instead, I’m going to take this time to look back on some of the amazing things that happened this year, and set some realistic goals for myself for 2019.

It Gets Better

29 secrets how to help a friend in mental health crisis

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you’ll know that I openly share my mental health battles. Whether it’s my ongoing struggles with depression and anxiety, or my recovery from my suicide attempt – I keep the conversation open and flowing all year round. I strongly believe in talking and sharing these stories, because if it helps even one person feel a little less alone – it’s worth it.

In light of the tragic losses of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade earlier this year, I was asked to write a piece for 29 Secrets about how to help a friend in a mental health crisis. I offered up my advice, as someone who’s been there.

Goal: Keep talking, keep the conversation going. Whether it’s through creating content here on le blogaroo and my social channels, contributing to other sites, or even partnering with institutions and groups on speaking engagements and/or panels – my goal is to keep sharing my story and do whatever I can to remove the stigma around mental health, and ultimately – help those struggling feel even just a little less alone.

That’s Growth

this crazy thing called life

Breaking up is never easy. It’s taxing – both emotionally and physically. But, when you know that something isn’t working anymore – sometimes you have to be the one to pull the plug. I felt lost for a lot of 2018. Jenn and the City was a great fit for me at one point, but something changed. My life shifted and I was no longer the girl about town. I was no longer your go-to provider of dating disasters. I was creating a full life and while I missed writing and connecting with you all, I didn’t have the motivation to contribute to Jenn and the City…it just didn’t feel right anymore. So, we broke up…and I moved on to This Crazy Thing Called Life. Recognizing when things aren’t working anymore and taking the steps necessary to evolve with it is what you call GROWTH, my friends.

Goal: Keep growing and evolving and committing time every day to writing. Writing is therapeutic for me, and I truly missed it. It’s a welcome feeling to have the motivation back to create, and I’m so excited for everything coming my way this year – that there’s no way I can’t share it with you all!

Here Comes The Bridezilla

jennifer decan engaged this crazy thing caled life

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll know that Mike and I are engaged! It happened over Thanksgiving weekend and not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about that moment. It was literally the happiest moment of my life thus far and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the man I adore. That being said…wedding planning is slowly becoming a pain. LOL It’s so overwhelming! Thankfully I’m surrounded by a supportive group who are helping me along the way. Right after we got engaged, me being the ridiculously organized person I am, I started planning right away. I got myself a wedding binder…even found our venue, my dress, and our photographer! Then, things got a little overwhelming (told you!) and I had to take a step back. Now that the holidays have passed, I’m ready to jump back into planning mode and get ready for the best day of our lives!

Goal: I’ve set some monthly goals for myself in regards to wedding planning, and part of those are writing about each step of the way. A lot of you have reached out to me in private message asking to share my tips and perspective along the way, and I think it’d be really helpful. I have a bunch of posts I’ll be sharing about each step of the planning process, how we got through it, and my tips on getting the biggest bang for your buck because let me tell you – weddings are ridiculously expensive. Yeesh. Oh, and I suppose planning a kick-ass, hella fun day is another goal. LOL

Keeping It Real

Now, let’s be realistic – while a lot of amazing things did happen this year – it wasn’t all sunshine and silly selfies. There were a lot of tears and raised voices; there were anxiety attacks and many doctors appointments. There were let downs and feelings of failure…but, what pulls me through the dark times is remembering the good. That little glimmer, because yes – it can be miniscule at times, it what pulls me through. Knowing that this too shall pass. Knowing that fighting for my happiness is worth it…that I’m worth it…and I hope that if and when you have those moments of darkness, you remember that you are worth it too.

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