CONTEST | 99 Days Until BayBay’s (Estimated) Arrival

This Crazy Blog Second Trimester Update and Willful Contest

Wowwaweewa – has a lot ever changed since the last time I checked in! We’re now nearing the end of the second trimester, and holy smokes – what a difference from the first. 

Most notably, in my opinion, is that my appetite is back…with avengence. I’m hungry all of the time and that’s a very welcome change from when I couldn’t even keep water down. 🙄 Unfortunately, the baybay is craving not the healthiest options food-wise, but anything is better than nothing nowadays, I suppose. I went from craving all of the strawberry ice cream (like, a pint a week 😬) to now wanting every single carb I can devour. I’m talking – I could have pasta every day and be completely satisfied. Strangest craving thus far might go to the evening I was salivating at the thought of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni and garlic mashed potatoes. I wanted them both, at the same time…and I wanted them BAD. I only gave in to one of the two, because I was way too lazy to peel the potatoes. LOL! I settled for the Beefaroni and a slice of bread with butter. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Take A Moment To Show Gratitude Today

It’s amazing how much your life can seemingly change when you cut out all of the negativity and really try to live every day with a positive mental attitude.

It’s not always easy, of course. But if you make an attempt to wake up every day and show gratitude for the life that has been given to you – it’s possibly.

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35 Was One Wild Ride…But Bring On 36

Have you ever had one of those life-changing years that when it comes to an end, you look back and are like, “Huh, so that was a wild ride!”?

That was 35 for me.

The last 365 days were filled with every emotion you could imagine. Excitement as I planned our wedding, anger and frustration pointed at some unworthy characters I had kept in my life for too long…feeling elated one moment to overwhelming terrified the next after finding out we were expecting a baby…to the boogeyman in my head working overtime on more than one occasion. 35 was one wild ride.

As I begin my 36th journey around the sun, I wanted to take a look back at 35.

While 35 was definitely filled with some of, if not the, best moments of my life – there were some dark periods. Planning the wedding got to be extremely stressful at times, triggering my anxiety. But the darkest point came only a few months before the wedding. 

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Four Days In Ireland And A Lifetime Of Memories

This Crazy Thing Called Life | Four Days In Ireland And A Lifetime Of Memories | Honeymoon in Ireland

Our original honeymoon plan was to hop on a plane and head to Barbados for a couple of days of rest and relaxation. Between wedding planning (and the drama that came from it 🙄), to finding out we were expecting and then having an awful first trimester – a few days on a beach sounded like absolute bliss to me. Thank goodness for Mike and I’d procrastination though, because thanks to Mother Nature the plan of sunshine and virgin pina coladas was halted last minute. Hurricane Dorian hit the Caribbean with a vengeance, thus throwing our beach plan out of the question. 

So, I got to brainstorming. We only had a few days to work with so it couldn’t be anything too far or with too long of a flight. I toyed with the idea of just renting a cottage up north for a few days, but when I saw that the prices were similar to an all-inclusive trip I said, oh heck no. The idea of heading to California was discussed, but I refused to spend my honeymoon in Trump’s American. Sorry, not sorry. So, it was back to the drawing board.

Neither Mike nor I had ever been to Europe, and I thought now would be a great chance to have an adventure just the two of us because the baybay will be making their appearance in no time and then this lil party of two will be a steady party of three for an extended amount of time. So, the next question was – where offers a short-ish flight from Toronto and where is somewhere we both want to visit?

Insert – Ireland!

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Hilarious, Insightful, Empowering – #JFL42 Is All Of The Above


Have you ever had one of those days where you just take a step back and say to yourself, “Holy smokes – what a day!” and then realise oh wait, it’s been more like a week…or month…or few months. Anyways – that’s where I am at. Between planning the wedding, getting physically assaulted by someone I had welcomed into my close circle, to finding out we were expecting, to getting married, having two additional weddings to go to after ours, and then finally heading out on our honeymoon – it’s been a good minute since I have had a chance to sit back and just have a relaxing night. 

So when I saw that Just for Laughs (#JFL42) was coming back to Toronto this year, to say I was excited was an understatement! I so needed a night (or two) of basically shutting my mind off and just letting go with a few full-belly hearty laughs, you know?

But really, who doesn’t need that every now and then?!

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